People at West Reading Strapping (WRS) are one of our most valuable assets.

Our manufacturing employees are highly trained and experienced needle loom operators and skilled technicians.  Ancillary operations of color dyeing and winding are performed by seasoned workers.  All current employees are long-term employees.

Order processing and shipping are performed by knowledgeable company personnel committed to the needs of our customers.  They enjoy the satisfaction of working for the success of our customers by timely delivering quality products that are used to protect you goods and cargo.

Our sales force is extremely competent with extensive background in thinking outside the box at the end of the line packaging and protecting finished goods during cargo transit.

West Reading Strapping is a nice company, where the employees enjoy coming to work, with a wonderful culture of manufacturing.

Current management and employees bring decades worth of experience to work with them everyday. They believe in manufacturing in the USA, and hope our customers will support our efforts and enjoy having us as their supplier for any products that make sense.